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Re-Enrollment Instructions

Dear NCS Families,
Thank you for choosing Northside Christian School. We have had an outstanding school year - exceeding our enrollment projections, having many seniors already accepted by their college of choice, winning another state band championship, and seeing students grow in their relationships with each other and with Christ. I want to thank you for speaking so fondly about our school to your friends and co-workers. We have already received multiple admissions applications for the 2014-2015 school year. However, we will not process these applications until we have given our current families an opportunity to re-enroll their children.

In last year’s re-enrollment letter I briefly shared my general vision for NCS. After many meetings with teachers and parents, this vision has produced the "Leading the Way" document. This School Advancement Plan provides direction for NCS the next 5-7 years. Let me encourage you to review this important plan.

I am pleased to report that we have made improvements with this year’s re-enrollment process to be more user-friendly. You can re-enroll your child one of two ways.

Your first option:

Re-enroll Here Icon Green Arrow 1.  On or after February 3, click the re-enrollment icon
Blue Question Mark Icon 2.  Answer a few questions
Dollar sign icon 3.  Pay your re-enrollment fee via PayPal.

Your second option:
  1. Review the enclosed hard copy Re-Enrollment Verification Report
  2. Cross through and correct any information that has changed
  3. Sign the enclosed medical release document
  4. Return everything to the high school office prior to Friday, February 7 with a check made payable to NCS for $175 if you are re-enrolling one child, $300 if you are re-enrolling two children, or $400 for three or more children
The re-enrollment fee will increase after February 7th and your child’s seat could be awarded to a new applicant. For your convenience, we will also be available in the MS/HS Library from 2pm until 6pm on Wednesday, February 5th if you prefer to re-enroll in person.

You will see from the enclosed tuition rate sheet that tuition rates in preschool through Grade 2 remain constant in an effort to assist younger families. The remaining grades received a modest 2% increase. Northside Christian School is committed to maintaining all of our current enrichment classes, athletic, and fine arts programs. Students entering the 7th-12th grade will be receiving Course Registration Forms shortly. As in the past, we offer a wide variety of classes and electives from which to choose.

In closing, I want to remind you about the Ambassador Program. If the person you refer puts your name down on their admissions application, you will receive $500 off per family when the family enrolls their children at Northside Christian School. There is no limit to the amount of money you can receive off your tuition. Thank you for being a part of Northside Christian School.

In His Service,
Donald C. James, Ed. D
Head of School