After School Programs

Paradise Aftercare (Elementary)

We are happy to host a safe and fun environment for children to enjoy after school each day. Aftercare starts at 3:00 p.m. on all full days of school.  All students attending Aftercare must go to directly to Aftercare at 3 pm.  Student awaiting pick-up will wait in their teacher's classroom for an individual dismissal call from the front office.  Any students that remain at 3:15 p.m. will then be escorted to Aftercare to sign in.  There will then be a fifteen minute grace period for picking up your child that ends at 3:30 p.m.  


Aftercare will run from 3:00 pm until 6 pm every day.  Our home base room is located in room P-4.  This is the portable that is nearest the playground, by the Kindergarten rooms.  We also use the Science Room and Library daily.  Please watch for our grade level signs posted on the doors that we are located in.

Our highly qualified and loving Aftercare Workers have a list of exactly who is in their care at all times!  This safety procedure gives a check and balance system to ensure the safety and whereabouts of your child at all times.  We have many great features to our program that will include the opportunity for students to work in groups, participating in varied activities each day.  We do have a strong emphasis on homework time for Grades 2 - 6 from 4 pm until 5 pm.  Parents may request additional homework time, as needed.   We also offer additional play time outside as well as inside that may include crafts, games, and more.  In addition, there are opportunities to join extracurricular activities such as Jr. Mustangs, tutoring, and private lessons throughout the year.

Students will be given the opportunity to eat a snack each afternoon shortly after dismissal time.  Students may bring their own snacks from home or purchase snacks at our “Snack Shack” where items are priced from $.25 to $2.00 each.  Parents sending money in for snacks are encouraged to place those funds on their child’s “Snack Shack” account.  Funds can be sent in to your child’s teacher clearly marked with your child’s name and designated to “Paradise Snack Shack.”  Any type of purchase parameters that parents wish their children to follow for snack time can then be added to their individualized snack account card.   Free snack is also available everyday with choices that usually include pretzels, saltines or animal crackers.

Preschool Aftercare

Preschoolers are offered a variety of activities each day with loving, qualified staff in a safe environment from 3 pm until 6 pm daily.  Activities are offered both inside and outside on our lovely playground.  Preschoolers are combined with the Elementary student at 4:15 pm each day.  Parents picking up after the transition, may pick up their preschoolers from the Elementary Library or Science room, across from the preschool.

Only authorized person may pick up students from Aftercare.  New families especially, should plan on showing ID when picking up their child from our programs. If you need to add additional persons to your authorized list, please contact Toni Kirkconnell in Elementary office at or by phone at (727) 541-7593, ext. 242.

 Please contact Heather Bay at (727) 647-0349 or for more information in regards to our Elementary Aftercare Program or Nancy Chase at (727) 541-7593, ext. 254 or in regards to our Preschool Aftercare Program. It is our pleasure to serve you!

In His Service,

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