Track & FieldMustang Track & Field

    The Mustang track and field team practice and host their meets in beautiful Mustang Park. They are blessed with an eight lane, all weather, polyuathane  surface track. It features two separate 23 ft Long Jump Pits with 120ft runways. Also separate is the shot put area with a 60 ft throwing sector and warning track material as the surface.The high Jump,Discus and Pole vault areas are inclosed in the ininterior of the track .
    Mustang Track

    17x District Championships
    2007 Boys and Girls
    2008 Boys and Girls
    2009 Girls
    2010 Boys and Girls
    2011 Boys and Girls
    2012 Girls
    2013 Boys
    2016 Girls
    2017 Girls
    2018 Boys and Girls
    2020 Boys and Girls
    10x District Runner-Up
    2006 Boys
    2009 Boys
    2012 Boys
    2014 Boys and Girls
    2015 Boys and Girls
    2016 Boys
    2017 Boys
    2019 Girls
    5x Regional Champions
    2009 Girls
    2010 Girls
    2011 Girls
    2012 Girls
    2018 Boys
    1x Regional Runner-Up
    2012 Boys
    State Championship
    2012 Girls 3rd
    2018 Boys Runner-Up
    2020 Girls 3rd