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    Branching out…Flowerbox Going out on a limb… 

    Our program has strong roots that dig deep into children’s literature and the Bible to sustain and inspire the child's love for life-long learning.  At Northside, we believe that the lives of young children are enriched by having a safe nurturing environment where open-ended, creative, imaginative, challenging play is highly valued for its role in their healthy cognitive, social and spiritual development.   The trunk of our TREE HOUSE that determines the shape of our teaching approach and serves as a platform for our curriculum, is the engaging skill-based  array of activities that will cultivate a love for learning, intrinsic motivation, citizenship, and a relationship with God that produces a healthy self-confidence.  The crown of our TREE HOUSE is the on-going process of character and spiritual maturity.  

    This new niche joins our seven other engaging learning environments: 

    • The Building Blocks/MATH Room, 
    • The WORD/The Language Arts Room
    • The Café
    • The Hands-On Science Room,
    • The Music Room
    • The Garden (outside nature curriculum center)
    • Over in the Meadow (outside nature curriculum center)

    Fostering independence and leadership qualities, our unique format allows small groups of multi-aged children to rotate throughout the day to these specifically designed areas while the teachers remain in their chosen area of passionate study.  Each of these prepared settings is satiated with child-friendly print. Our approach to early childhood literacy is literature based as we believe that the learning-to -read process will naturally bloom when teachers provide a literacy rich environment. Each of these learning sites is woven to the other domains by a quality piece of literature which we celebrate together in our weekly Chapel nestled outside under the pines.

    At Northside Christian Preschool students are happy, curious, confident and loving as they explore the great world of the Master Gardener.  If you would like your child to climb to new heights in our TREE HOUSE, please contact our Admissions Office (727-541-7593 x251) to arrange a personal bird's eye tour of our program.

    Early birds get the W.O.R.M.S!






    Ms. Nancy Chase

    Nancy Chase, Director
    Northside Christian Preschool