• NCS Technology Support

    The Northside Christian School Technology Department is responsible for the coordination and implementation of all academic and administrative technologies on campus.  Our vision is to see technology used to engage students in learning, both for the classroom and for real-world problem solving.  

    Ms. Laurie Martini
    Director of Technology

    Mr. Jeffrey Goodwin
    Technology Coordinator

    Mr. Tom Wilson
    MS/HS Technology Teacher

    Mr. Michael McBride
    ES Computer Specialist

    Mrs. Emily Willis
    iPad & Technology Support



    Technology Help Desk for Employees:

    In an effort to provide a NCS Helpdesk Logo higher level of technical support to our employees, we use a web-based help desk, eliminating the need for users to fill out paper work orders or phone in their requests for technical assistance. Users are able to log into the help desk from any computer on campus. Once a request has been submitted, the help desk automatically generates an email notification to the appropriate technician. Users receive email confirmation of their submission, as well as progress updates from the technicians. Users are able to log into the help desk at any time to communicate with the technician and are able to track the progress and resolution to all their requests.

    MyNorthside Student Information System:

    MyNorthside Blackbaud's K-12 School Solution is an excellent tool that facilitates admissions, re-enrollment, communication, a learning management system, forms, reporting, and student billing. Combined with The Raiser's Edge NXT and Financial Edge NXT, MyNorthside is a total software solution that is seamlessly integrated. This integrated approach champions accuracy and efficiency while respecting the time of teachers, administrators, parents, and students.


    Our website continues to be developed as an informational resource for prospective and current families, parents, students and employees. 

    Some of our technology blessings include:


    • Windows Active Directory network domain
    • Apple and Linux servers for specialty areas
    • Broadband Internet Service provided by Spectrum
    • Internet Access & Content Filtering
    • Fiberoptic LAN connections between buildings and portables
    • Aerohive Wireless Network for middle/high building and gymnasium (Summer 2013)
    • Aerohive 24 port/8 port PoE managed switch (January 2014)
    • Aerohive 48 port/48port PoE managed switch (January 2014)
    • Updated selected Netgear switches (January 2015)
    • Aerohive Wireless Network for elementary building (Spring 2015)
    • Upgrade and rewiring of elementary building with Cat6 copper ethernet cable (Spring 2015)
    • Upgraded two 10/100 switches to 10/100/1000 (2016-17)
    • Aerohive Wireless Access Points - added 4 to locations on campus (Summer 2017)
    • Upgraded 10/100 switch to 10/100/1000 (2018) and added another 10/100/1000 switch
    • Aerohive Wireless Access Points - 25 added campus-wide (Summer 2018)
    • Upgraded two network switches (Summer 2018)
    • New server and storage array (planned for 2019-2020)

    Cloud Services & Software:

    • School Website (www.nck12.com), Calendars, Documents, Content
    • MyNCS learning management system for high school (replaced in summer 2019 by MyNorthside)
    • Microsoft Office & Apple iWorks productivity suites
    • Adobe Design and Web Premium CS6 (Summer 2014)
    • Google Apps for 7th-12th grade students (implemented 2013-14)
    • NetClassroom for families and students (Fall 2015)
    • Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math (ongoing)
    • BetterCloud G-Suite Management (2016-17)
    • NCS App and ParentLink Notification System (2017-18)

    • Converted to Blackbaud K-12 School System (2018-2020) - known as MyNorthside
    • Converted Aerohive wireless system to a new management console
    • Conversion of NCS App and ParentLink Notification System to new database
    • Implentation of Apple Classroom and Apple Schoolwork
    • Updated Microsoft Office Software (planned for 2019-2020)

    Faculty & Staff:

    • PC-based desktop for every teacher
    • Web pages & email for every teacher
    • Faculty Access for the Web (teacher gradebook/assignment access)
    • iPads for teachers campus-wide

    Instructional Areas for Students:

    • Elementary: Weekly computer class with cross-platform instruction in Office productivity suites, Internet safety, research skills, keyboarding and projects. Classroom content includes Smartboard, Internet (PC/Linux) and iPad instruction.

    • Middle/High: Several computer electives ranging from basic computer application to advanced subjects. Mac, Chromebook, Linux and PC workstations are used throughout the building.

    Classroom Equipment:

    • 1 mobile Macbook laptop lab (Elementary) - Fall 2009 (replaced in 2017)
    • 3 Student iPads for most Elementary classrooms (Spring 2015)
    • Digital projectors in classrooms
    • Interactive Smartboards for math and science classrooms (middle & high school)
    • Interactive Smartboards for core subject elementary teachers
    • PC-based teaching lab (middle/high school)
    • iMac computers (Fine Arts classrooms) (Fall 2009)
    • Mac/PC computer lab for middle/high yearbook classes
    • Technology lending library for employees (video cameras, laptops, projectors, screens)
    • 5 Macbook Pro laptops for specific-need areas (chapel, yearbook, fine arts, technology) (Fall 2009)
    • 16 iPad mini tablet computers (April 2013 - Praxis Classes)
    • 4 Digital Projectors upgraded (2014-15)
    • Apple TV's in all classrooms (completed Summer 2015)
    • Upgraded projector mounts in classrooms campus-wide (completed Summer 2015)
    • Macbook Air laptops for Yearbook classroom (Fall 2015)
    • 5 Chromebooks for MS/HS Library (Fall 2015)
    • 25 Chromebook mobile lab for MS/HS (Fall 2015)
    • 6 Digital Projectors upgraded (2016-17)
    • Upgraded teacher computers (donated equipment Summer 2016)
    • Upgraded HS computer lab (donated equipment Summer 2016)
    • Purchased DJI Phantom 4 Drone for special projects and aerial photography/videography (Winter 2016)
    • 25 Chromebook mobile lab (#2) for MS/HS (Fall 2016)
    • 25 Mac Mini computers for Elementary Computer Lab & Lab Renovation (Spring/Summer 2017)
    • iPads for Elementary classrooms (approximately 2:1 ratio as of Spring 2017)
    • 4 wireless access points (Summer 2017)
    • 10 projectors upgraded (2017-18)
    • 30 new custom built desktop computers for faculty/staff (Summer 2017)
    • 30 new custom built desktop computers for faculty/staff (Summer 2018)
    • 30 newer donated desktop computers (Summer 2018)
    • 25 wireless access points campus-wide (Summer 2018)
    • iPads for Elementary classrooms to maintain 2:1 ratio (Summer 2018)
    • 3 additional Macbooks for high school yearbook class (Summer 2018)

    • New iMac lab for Middle/High School students (Auction project 2018-19)
    • iPads for Elementary classrooms to maintain 2:1 ratio (Summer 2019)
    • School-managed iPads provided for all High School Students (Summer 2019)
    • 25 new custom built desktop computers for faculty/staff (Summer 2019)
    • 5 new high capacity Lanier multifunction printers for key school areas (Summer 2019)
    • Security enhancements for overall network (2019)
Last Modified on February 6, 2022