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    Paradise Aftercare 2020-2021
    Preschool - 6th grade 

    We are happy to host a safe and fun environment for NCS children from Preschool to 6th grade to enjoy after school on all regular days and most half days of school.  Due to COVID19, we have had to take a major shift in how we offer childcare services to our families and the cost of our program.  The increased fee is necessary to provide adequate staffing to maintain small groups and applicable health and safety measures.
    • Aftercare is only available for families where childcare is essential to maintain employment and where other child care services cannot be found. 
    • We may require verification documents from employers, when necessary. 
    • ALL students must be registered through Camp Brain and paid in advance through SMART.
    • Due to the lower student to staff ratios, FULL-TIME is the only option available.
    • All students NOT ENROLLED in aftercare must be picked up through the carline by 3:15 pm. 
    • Students are not permitted to wander the campus or wait in undesignated areas unsupervised.
    Hours of Operation:
    • 3:15 pm – 6 pm on all regular days of school for PK - 6th grades.
    • 11:45 am - 6 pm on half days of school for Full-time Aftercare students only.
    • See Aftercare Calendar for details on our official openings and closings.

    Full-Time Tuition: 

    • $75 per week per child (only charged for weeks when school is in session).
    • While the rate is calculated weekly, a family is committed to the payments by the semester.
    • There is a sibling discount of $25 for the second and following child. 
    • Full-time Aftercare gives parents full access to aftercare, so anytime the doors are open, your HEALTHY child is welcome to attend.  
    • Any student picked up after 6 pm will be charged $20 every 1 - 15 minutes late.
    • Fees are NOT prorated and are non-refundable. 
    • This fee will be billed monthly in advance through SMART with your regular tuition payment. 

    COVID-19 Precautions:

    • The student to staff ratios will be kept low (preferably 9 students or less per worker)
    • Temperature checks will be performed BEFORE signing into aftercare. 
    • Only HEALTHY students will be allowed to attend.
    • SICK students are NOT allowed to attend aftercare and must be picked up immediately.
    • Frequent hand-washing will be part of our regular routine.
    • Masks are mandatory.
    • They must be worn inside the classrooms when social distancing is not possible (except for PS and Kindergarten). 
    • Masks will be optional outside on the playground, when social distancing is possible, with limited numbers of students on the playground at a time.
    • Toys, supplies, and playground equipment will be sanitized regularly.
    • The deadline to register is July 31st, 2020 with the first payment due in August for the month of August. 
    • Register at: https://nck12.campbrainregistration.com/
    • For questions regarding aftercare, contact Heather Bay at 727-647-0349 or heather.bay@ncsschools.com.

    A few notes on Procare (previously known as Kinderlime)

    We use a software program called Procare that will allow for electronically tracking attendance.  Here are a few more things the app allows us to do: 

    • Please be sure to update or download your app before school starts.
    • New families will receive an invite to create an individualized account either online or via the app. Returning families are still in our system.
    • All authorized pick-ups will receive a pin number for picking up. 
      • Please note that ID may still be required for pick up.
    • Parents can update medical information, pick-up authorizations and more directly through the app or online at https://www.procaresoftware.com/login-portal/.
    • If you authorize “notifications” via the app, you will also receive updates on your child’s actual location in our program and other pertinent information.
    • If you turn “off” notifications, you can still see that information by simply opening the app.
    • Messages can be sent to and from aftercare staff and parents via the app, along with incident reports, pictures and more!
    • NEW this year!  Parents and authorized pick-ups will be asked to check out their child via their own device (aka your phone) once you are on our school property.  
    • NEW this year!  Parents are asked to wear a mask when coming to pick up your child from our program.

    Aftercare (PK – 6th grades)

    Aftercare students will rotate around to the playground and an assigned classroom throughout the afternoon. Our highly qualified and loving Aftercare workers have a list of exactly who is in their care at all times!  This safety procedure gives a check and balance system to ensure the safety and whereabouts of your child at all times.  We do have a strong emphasis on homework time for Grades 1 - 5, after a bit of playtime.  Parents may request additional homework time, as needed.

    Snack Shack and Free Snack

    • Students in grades PK - 6 will be given the opportunity to eat a snack each afternoon shortly after dismissal time.  Students may bring their own snacks from home or eat a "free snack" that we provide.  That usually consists of pretzels, saltines or animal crackers.
    • Students may also purchase snacks at our “Snack Shack” where items are priced from $.25 to $2.00 each. 
    • We are completely "CASHLESS" this year, so parents must log into your online "Campbrain" account to add money to your child's snack account. Any type of purchase parameters that parents wish their children to follow for snack time can then be noted there also.  Candy will only be sold on Friday's.

    Click here to put snack money on your child's account!

    Pick up Information

    Only authorized persons may pick up students from Aftercare.  New families or new pick-ups especially, should plan on showing ID when picking up their child from our program. If you need to add additional persons to your authorized list, please log into your Procare app or on the Procare website directly to add in your new authorized persons for pick-up.  If you have any questions, please contact Heather Bay at heather.bay@ncsschools.com or by cell phone at (727) 647-0349 (text preferred).

    Remember to check your Procare app to see your child's exact location on our campus.  If you get to a room that the app says your child is located in, and there are no children there, please allow for a few minutes of transition time.  Also, please note, that the app works on wifi, so when the wifi is down, so is the app.

    After School Activities

    Students in after school activities must either be picked up for their activity from their classroom or from Aftercare, with the exception of 6 graders, which are allowed to walk to their on-campus activities unaccompanied.  Once the activity is complete, students must be picked up immediately. Any student not picked up by the end of their activity will be signed into Aftercare and all fees will apply. 

    For questions regarding aftercare, contact Heather Bay at 727-647-0349 or heather.bay@ncsschools.com