• Paradise Rocks! 

      Paradise Aftercare 2021-2022
            Preschool - 6th grade 

    Hello Northside Families! 

    My name is Bettie Mack and I am the incoming Director for Paradise Camp and Aftercare. I taught at Northside for 5 years in the Preschool and previous to that I coordinated a mentor program with Pinellas County Schools.  Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two sons creating adventures and lasting memories.

    I have over a decade of experience working with children and there is one thing that I know for sure……We can learn so much from children about resilience. Therefore, it is my honor and a privilege to have this responsibility coming out of the momentous world events of last year. 

    The plan for Aftercare has three main ideas

    • Transition from school ---> to Aftercare ---> to home

    The goal is to nurture and guide the children through a comfortable transition.

    • Homework completed directly after snack and play break 

    The goal is to give parents that family time at home with homework already completed.

    • Fun, themed, play time for laughter and learning

    The goal is to allow children to just BE happy being children.


    Aftercare Rates 2021 - 2022

    Preschool - 6th grade

    • ALL students must be registered through CampBrain and paid through SMART.
    • All students NOT ENROLLED in aftercare must be picked up through carline by 3:15 pm. 
    • Students are not permitted to wander the campus or wait in undesignated areas unsupervised.  

    Hours of Operation:

    • 3:15 pm – 6 pm on all regular days of school for PK - 6th grades.
    • 11:45 am - 6 pm on half days of school for Full-time Aftercare students only.
    • See Aftercare Calendar for details on our official openings and closings.

    Full-Time Tuition: 

    • $250 a month per child (August - May).
    • The discounted sibling rate is $170 per month for each sibling.
    • Payments are based on total weeks in the school year.
    • Full-time Aftercare gives parents full access to Aftercare, so anytime the doors are open, your child is welcome to attend.  
    • Any student picked up after 6 pm will be charged $20 every 1 - 15 minutes late.
    • Fees are NOT prorated and are non-refundable. 
    • Aftercare fees will be billed monthly through SMART with your regular tuition payment.

                        The deadline to register is August 6th. Click link below to register.


    Please be sure to take a look at the calendar for days Aftercare is closed. You will find this on the school website under the Aftercare School Programs tab.