• AppleWelcome To Karen Schmidt 's Classroom!

    I teach high school math, and the following is a synopsis of the classes I teach.

    Algebra I is a pre-requisite course to any higher level math course.  It is the bridge between arithmetic and more abstract mathematics.  The student will recognize rational numbers, simplify algebraic expressions, solve elementary algebraic equations and inequalities, and graph algebraic sentences.

    Algebra II and Algebra II Honors - The purpose of these courses is to extend the elementary algebra skills used to solve polynomial equations and inequalities with more emphasis on application problems.  Properties of polynomial, rational, radical, exponential and logarithmic functions and graphs are included.  The course can, time permitting, also extend to the study of sequences, series, probability, elementary statistics, and trigonometric functions.

    Advanced Topics in Mathematics extends algebra skills to solving truth tables, set theory, and systems of equations and inequalities.  Other topics to be investigated will be numeration and mathematical systems, number theory, counting methods, geometry, probability and statistics.  Emphasis will be placed on application of knowledge.