• Globe & BookWelcome to Northside Christian High School

    Northside encourages students to participate and grow in the areas of academics, fine arts, and athletics.  Although academics are challenging and are designed to equip students for the college of their choice, the faculty strategically focuses on a productive day within the classroom and keeps homework for reinforcement rather than busywork. Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities that will continue to enhance their learning experience outside the classroom.  In addition to this, Northside's purposeful plan to teach students how to think critically is a strong and effective tool that enhances our students’ ability on achievement and college testing.

    Northside Christian School gives students every opportunity to find and realize the gifts that God has given them. Having been rooted in Christian education for nearly 35 years and a part of the Northside family for these past five years, I can easily say without hesitation that you will not be disappointed as you speak with our current students and also have discussions with our graduates.  Our alumni visit Dr. Michael Roskamp Northside’s campus and share great stories of not only how well-equipped they felt during their college years, but how they had a comfort level and confidence that far exceeded many of their peers.

    Most importantly, many expressed how the Biblical foundation obtained at Northside helped them with making good decisions when faced with the moral and ethical issues that students may wrestle with once they have left high school.

    Middle & High School Principal