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    Northside College Counseling centers itself on three core principles: intention, perspective, and purpose.  

    Intention: Everything we implement from timelines to individualized college counseling is done with intention. Our timing is thoughtfully considered in order to best support the student and family in the current stage they are experiencing. We work diligently to provide students and families with a glimpse of what’s to come and how to prepare while also emphasizing the importance of staying present.  

    Perspective: One of our most significant roles in the college process is to offer perspective and broaden your scope and understanding of this journey and our support throughout. Experience on both sides of the desk (working at the high school and college admission level) allows us to offer insight, strategy, and advice that will enable students and families to navigate an ever evolving field.  

    Purpose: The word counseling is in our titles for a reason. We are here to listen and advise based on each student’s individual needs, goals and desires. Our hope is that by working with us, students will discover their purpose and identity in Christ and their future endeavors. If college is something you are considering, we want to help you find the right match. 


    Mrs. Bonni Klement
    Director of Guidance and College Counseling
    bonni.klement@ncsschools.com • (727) 541-7593 x224


    Ms. Beth Darby
    Academic and Testing Coordinator
    (727) 541-7593  x232


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