• Welcome to Northside Christian Middle School

     The faculty and staff of Northside Christian School recognize that the middle school years are filled with transition periods for both students and parents. Students are seeking a balance between independence as young adults and the dependence of a child. Parents are learning to step back and allow their children room to grow into their responsibilities yet maintain their position as a stable, positive authority figure. We want students to learn that they are accountable for their decisions. 

    For this reason, Northside Christian middle school is comprised of seventh and eighth graders. While sixth graders have lunch and chapel with the seventh and eighth graders, they attend classes with other sixth graders in a separate building. They learn how to use their lockers and change classes in a controlled environment. We have found this greatly reduces bullying and allows sixth graders another year to mature physically and psychologically. 

    Students in seventh through 12th grade share the same building. However, students in 7th and 8th grade eat lunch at a different time and they typically do not have any classes with students in ninth through 12th grade. The school day starts at 8 AM and ends at 3:05 PM. Like the high school, students in seventh and eighth grade go to eight periods a day which include:

    • Bible
    • English
    • Physical Education
    • Math (usually Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1)
    • Science (Life Science in 7th grade and Physical Science in 8th grade)
    • History (Geography in 7th grade and American History in 8th grade)

    and two electives of their choice including:

    • Concert Band
    • Choir
    • Art
    • Spanish I or Spanish II
    • Computer Applications
    • Study Hall
    • Yearbook 

Phone: 727-541-7593


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Brandon Elam

Middle/High School Principal