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    Welcome to the web pages of Northside's computer classes.


    Here you will find information about the various computer courses offered at Northside Christian School. Below you will find descriptions of each of the these courses.


    Computer Methods

    During the course of the year, students will be instructed on the efficient use of a computer keyboard and basic computer equipment. Students will utilize the functions of Windows 7 to demonstrate effective file management strategies as well as demonstrate proficient use of the necessary functions of Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).  During the fourth quarter, students will learn HTML and create their own original website.

    Also throughout the year, students will have opportunities to develop their creative sides through various activities and projects. They will experience visual story telliing, movie making, and game development.

    This year students will also take a closer look at the technology they use every day. They will learn about the history of computers and explore how computers work.


    Computer Applications 1

    For you to prosper, you must grasp the underlying principles of the technologies that have an impact on your life and understand how those principles are related to real-world activities. It is not enough to only know how to use word processors, spreadsheets, e-mail, and the Web. You need skills that relate to the market place. This course focuses on the application of technology and how technology can be used for personal and professional gain, both now and in the future.  

    Students will do more than just learn how computers are used by businesses of all types. There will be several projects throughout the year that will allow students to practice using their computer skills through real-world simulations.


    Computer Applications 2

    Computer Applications 2 is a continuation of Computer Applications 1. This class begins with a focus on page design and desktop publishing. During this section of the course, students will examine the principles of page design in order to learn how to develop an attractive page layout. They will practice their skills using Microsoft Publisher and Adobe InDesign CS6.

    Students will also have the opportunity to develop multimedia and animation projects. They will various online tools as well as Flash.

    Finally, students will be introduced to the concepts of computer programming through the use of game design. They will learn how create conditions, handle events, and create user controls as they create their own games.


    Advanced Computer Design

    This course has two overarching themes: web design and graphic arts. While there is some overlap between these two fields, the principles of web design will be emphasized during the first semester and graphic arts will be the focus of the second semester.  The study of web design will revolve around web design principles and coding. Students will use Dreamweaver CS6 as a code editor.

    When the course moves into the second semester, the study of graphic arts will take center stage. During this section of the course, students will get detail instruction into the use of Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Illustrator CS6. The entire course is hands-on and project oriented.