Framework for Learning

Characterized by college preparatory curricula, Northside equips students with the necessary skills and content to help students pursue their goals. More than 95% of NCS graduates choose to attend college with the remaining graduates opting for trade schools or the US Armed Forces.

The teachers and administration of Northside Christian School realize that students learn differently. Within the same class students will have opportunities to learn auditory, visually and kinesthetically.

In addition to rigorous core classes, Northside Christian School offers a wide variety of electives to help students develop extracurricular interests. These classes help children explore new areas of study allowing them to be creative and imaginative.

Our Academic Goals

  • to provide a Christian education that strives for academic excellence,
  • to inspire youth with a love for learning,
  • to teach critical thinking and problem solving skills,
  • to teach good study habits,
  • to promote character development, good citizenship and leadership

Our Framework for Learning

  • Provide flexibility in the learning environment enabling the natural processes of the brain to be activated, supported, enhanced, and maintained.
  • Provide for high-input learning in non-verbal as well as verbal forms.
  • Provide for the reduction of fear in students and provide for the encouragement of risk-taking.
  • Provide opportunities for student input and collaboration.
  • Provide frequent feedback on student direction.