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    Amy Smith 

    School Nurse

School Nurse

NCS employs a full-time Registered Nurse.  Nurse Amy lovingly tends to our entire school campus, whether someone requires assistance with a medical condition, an ice pack or Band-Aid for cuts and bruises, or needs a comforting hug. She also teaches hand-washing to our youngest students, and CPR/First Aid to our high school students, coaches and employees. 

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    Amanda Hall 

    Student Support Counselor

Student Support Counselor

Mrs. Mandy Hall is Northside’s Student Support Counselor.  She advocates and supports students as they grow spiritually, socially and academically. Parts of her job include: individual counseling, small groups, spiritual development support, parent support, academic support for students, collaboration with teachers, behavior interventions, crisis response and coordinating social services. 

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    Max Massengill 

    Assistant Director of College Counseling, Football Programs Director
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    Bonni Klement 

    Director of Guidance & College Counseling

Guidance and College Counseling

Mrs. Bonni Klement is our Director of Guidance and College Counseling.  Mrs. Klement’s favorite part of the college process is getting to know students and families in order to find the right fit for their education after NCS. Approximately 99% of all NCS seniors go to college. More than 40 colleges and universities visit Northside’s campus annually. Mrs. Klement begins working with students and parents during the freshman year, helping them navigate through applications and scholarship processes.  She also conducts grade level parent meetings throughout the school year.