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Welcome to Northside Christian School College Counseling

Northside College Counseling centers itself on three core principles: intention, perspective, and purpose.

Intention: Everything we implement from timelines to individualized college counseling is done with intention. Our timing is thoughtfully considered in order to best support the student and family in the current stage they are experiencing. We work diligently to provide students and families with a glimpse of what’s to come and how to prepare while also emphasizing the importance of staying present. 

Perspective: One of our most significant roles in the college process is to offer perspective and broaden your scope and understanding of this journey and our support throughout. Experience on both sides of the desk (working at the high school and college admission level) allows us to offer insight, strategy, and advice that will enable students and families to navigate an ever evolving field. 

Purpose: The word counseling is in our titles for a reason. We are here to listen and advise based on each student’s individual needs, goals and desires. Our hope is that by working with us, students will discover their purpose and identity in Christ and their future endeavors. If college is something you are considering, we want to help you find the right match.

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    Mrs. Bonni Klement 

    Director of Guidance & College Counseling
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    Mr. Max Massengill 

    Assistant Director of College Counseling, Football Programs Director
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    Miss Beth Darby 

    Test Coordinator
College Counseling Programming

Northside College Counseling offers a wide range of grade level specific programming throughout the year for students and families. Our programs are uniquely designed and specifically timed to prepare and equip students for college or post secondary plans. Individualized counseling begins as early as sophomore year and intensifies and grows when students enter their upperclassmen terms. See below for a list of our programs:

  • Senior Roundup: workshop to start filling out college applications
  • Senior Sprint: evening program tailored to senior parents/guardians
  • College Essay Week: visit to English classes to facilitate brainstorming and drafting for college essays
  • Financial Aid Night: evening program designed to educate families on the financial aid process when applying for college
  • Junior Jump: evening program for students and families to introduce them to the intricacies of the college process and support they’ll receive from our office
  • Athletic Night: evening program designed to educate and inform students and parents about the athletic recruiting process and what it takes to be competitive athletically and academically for college.
  • Bright Futures Day: seniors are given the opportunity to apply for Bright Futures with the help and guidance of College Counseling
  • Freshman Focus: workshop designed to guide freshmen in exploring and considering future interests, strengths, personality traits, and more. 
  • Freshman Forward: evening program for students and families to hear from a college admission representative give advice about preparing for the college journey
  • Sophomore Stride: evening program designed for parents and guardians to provide perspective about the importance of leadership development, passions/interests, and goal setting in relation to college and post secondary plans
  • Sophomore Stampede: student workshop focusing on SMART goals and specific breakout sessions for athletes, artists, state university bound students, and elite college and universities
  • Junior Jaunt: student workshop giving juniors the opportunity to begin working on college applications, essays, resumes and more.


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  • Athletic Recruiting Information

    Northside Christian students not only thrive in the classroom, but on the field as well.
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  • Naviance

    Northside College Counseling offers exclusive access to our college planning and readiness platform, Naviance Student. 
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  • Testing & Accommodations

    While many schools have adopted or are currently piloting test optional admissions requirements, FL public universities and Bright Futures Scholarship still mandate an official and qualifying SAT or ACT score. The key to success in any type of standardized testing is preparation, and at Northside, we ensure our students have access to all of the resources necessary to achieve their goals.
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  • Volunteer Opportunities

    Volunteering and serving others is something we feel NCS administration, faculty, students and families are called to do (Matthew 5:16). It is an honor to serve our community and make a positive and impressionable impact on others.
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